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Inside the Spring 2014 Issue

Whether you're a beginner quilter or one who has been immersed for a while, you're sure to find an assortment of projects to make from the 20+ quilts in this issue. Projects range from happy and amusing to romantic and exotic, with much of their unique personalities created by the fabrics they're composed of. If you're like most quilters, much thought and effort goes into fabric selection. Using the proper materials not only develops the overall design of a quilt, but choosing them is one of the most fun aspects of quiltmaking. (Consider how exciting it is to find the perfect beach print fabric for your summer vacation quilt!) Fabrics personalize a quilt and give them character. They have personalities too, and they truly make the quilts they're used in one of a kind. We've showcased some of the newest fabrics of the season on the following pages, and be sure to see our Fabric Gallery (page 108) for even more.

Fiber artists demonstrate that fabric choice and manipulation are key design components. Read about one of SAQA's recent exhibits, A Walk in the Wild, on page 88. Here, artists used landscape prints (from foliage to wood grain) to create a "hiking in the wilderness" visual experience. Quilt designer Lorraine Fantegrossi carefully chose hundreds of specific batik shades to build her neo-realistic A Drip of Paint and Thread quilt (page 52). She shares her journey from a tiny image on a perfume box to an extraordinary art quilt.

Explore current trends in Trendswatch (page 8), then check out our projects for inspiration. We've included motifs like gardens, forests, oceans, and space, and then had them made in sizes ranging from wall hangings to large bed quilts. So welcome to the Spring 2014 issue of Quilt Trends, where the fabrics are beautiful, the projects are inspiring, and the ideas are plentiful!

spring issue



Square Pegs by Christine Stainbrook
The bright blue/yellow color combination and graphic prints give Square Pegs a distinctly modern appearance. A single block pattern in opposing colorways creates a pleasing secondary design, and the stylized florals and swirls make for a very lively quilt! kitting info

Shimmering Garden by Patti Carey
Shimmering Garden is perfect spring décor and a reminder that after a long cold winter, April showers really do bring May flowers! The silvery gradated background is embellished with iridescent foliage created using Easy Pieces shapes and variegated metallic thread. Easy Pieces are laser-cut appliqué shapes that come ready to fuse, eliminating tracing, cutting, fusing to fabric, and cutting again—you just peel, place, and press! This process allows for more designing and sewing time.

Coastal Garden by Sue Harvey and Sandy Boobar
Add this gorgeous accent piece to any room in your home—it goes with just about any type of décor, from sophisticated to rustic. Coastal Garden was inspired by the beautiful prints in the Costa de Las Flores fabric collection. White was used as bright contrast for the main florals and to highlight the deep mint/violet colorway. This easy-to-piece lap quilt consists of a center medallion with several borders. kitting info

Cosmos by Terry Albers
Looking for a way to show off lots of contemporary large-scale prints? Here is a fast-and-easy pattern that's perfect for highlighting bright, colorful fabrics. Replace the white background with solid black for a dynamic alternate version! kitting info

On Safari by Art Gallery Fabrics Design Team
Can you spot the hidden wildlife? Look closely—they're obscured by the colorful African landscapes, sunsets, and plant motifs in this safari-inspired fabric collection. These prints are rich in color and detail, creating visually intriguing blocks in this fresh, contemporary quilt design. kitting info

Banner Day by Sarah Price
Banner Day is a wonderfully soft and cuddly baby quilt. Fun prints, bright dots, flannel fabrics, and a quick-and-easy pattern make this an ideal quilt for gift giving and a perfect way to showcase cheerful juvenile prints. kitting info

Love at Sea by Melissa Lunden
This quilt is an ideal way to use directional prints. Melissa Lunden designed Love at Sea and the coordinating pillow to highlight the fabrics and enchanting marine-life motifs. Simple construction makes this an enjoyable quick project and a great choice for beginner quilters. kitting info

Corroboree by Diane Arganbright
A corroboree is an Australian aboriginal dance festival held at night to celebrate important events. Dancers are painted and adorned with feathers and leaves for this boisterous social gathering. Diane Arganbright designed this quick-and-easy quilt using colorful vibrant fabrics to reflect the spirit of the Australian artists, dancers, and musicians who participate. kitting info

Atlantis by Stephanie Sheridan
A space enthusiast's dream come true! Incredible photography and state-of-the-art printing make these fabrics truly out of this world. The quilt center and inner border motifs are cut from one panel, and the star prints are 58" wide with gradating tones from selvage to selvage. Quick-and-easy piecing makes this a project that can be completed in a single weekend (or less). kitting info

Venetian Blues by Sue Harvey and Sandy Boobar
Blue is an overwhelmingly popular color, one that has a profound influence on our lives, particularly in textiles and fashion. Reminiscent of water and sky, blue has a calming, peaceful feeling. Take a quiet float down Venice's waterways and canals with the tranquil old-world feel of Venetian Blues. kitting info

Earth, Wind, Fire by Janine Burke
Surround yourself with glowing color. Earth, Wind, Fire was created using a simple block design with a variety of different vibrant earth-tone batiks. The fun part of this quilt is that there is no specific fabric or block placement and there are only three pieces in each block. Mix and match as desired, and make it any size you want!

Wine Country by Pearl Louise Krush
Wine Country is a slice-and-sew stash buster of a quilt that will cheer up any room in your home. These fabrics were inspired by the landscapes around Napa Valley in California. The prints feature intense hues of purple, deep green, and rich brown, along with beautiful florals and grapevine motifs.

Conservatory by Stephanie Brandenburg
The inspiration behind Conservatory was the desire to embrace modern architecture. The bold stained-glass look highlights the beautiful panel. Designed as a free-form project, it is pieced in long strips and then cut at angles to which more pieces are added. There are no rules here: this is a truly design-as-you-go project that promotes stress-free quiltmaking. Measurements are provided as a guide, but adjust as you work if desired. Extra yardage is included to allow for any pieces you may want to add or change. So relax, slice, and sew! kitting info

Tree Houses by Sue Harvey and Sandy Boobar
Start with a cute woodland print (like this wildlife panel), add coordinating nature-motif fabrics, and you‘ve got a forest full of sweet little critters! One simple-to-piece block with different wildlife centers makes Tree Houses irresistible. kitting info

Karma by Kari Nichols
Large rectangle blocks showcase the beautiful colors, abstract patterns, and
exceptional clarity of the digitally-printed Alexandria collection. These fabrics were originally hand painted and have a warp-woven ikat look with horizontal, vertical, and diagonal designs, making them ideal for modern home décor and fashion. Karma is a simple quilt to piece and lends itself to free-form construction—mix and match the tonals and prints as desired or refer to the layout diagram for fabric placement. kitting info

Grecian Isles by Nancy Mahoney
Grecian Isles creates the feeling of sand, surf, and cool summer winds—and it's a breeze to piece. The large blocks are composed of an assortment of soft brushstroke blues and tans, making this an ideal spring/summer project with fresh modern appeal. kitting info

Big Boy Toys by Sue Harvey and Sandy Boobar
Make this quilt just in time for Father's Day! The vibrant center panel depicts a typical garage scene, complete with trustworthy dog and daydreaming young boy. These vintage farm-equipment prints are perfect for gift giving and make great farmstead wall hangings and bed quilts. kitting info


Bossa Nova by Melissa Lunden
The spirit of Bossa Nova lies in the array of on-trend colors and exotic festive prints. From tropical motifs to surfboards and guitars, this quilt will add a carefree, happy vibe to any room. The blocks are simple, their placement random—the perfect setting for these fun fabrics. kitting info

Jack 'n Jill by Leslie Sonkin
Stitch reproduction vintage fabrics into a cute little quilt that is sure to delight
mophead doll lovers and collectors of all ages! Jack 'n Jill, composed of delightful prints in bright primary colors, makes ideal nursery or playroom décor.


Some of the most notable quilting trends can be seen at quilt festivals and industry trade shows, among the many aisles of colorful displays bursting with fabrics, designs, and anything quilt related. Here are just a few of the more prominent trends.

Katia Hoffman: Dreaming in Color by Sandria M. Washingto
Twenty-five years ago, Katia Hoffman traveled fromMoscow to New York with her family, a degree fromtheMoscow State Textile Institute, and a passionate dreamto design fabric. "I
didn't seemyself doing anything else," she shares. Today, this visionary artist's dreamis coming true.With the introduction of her first fabric collection, Reflections (for EBI Fabrics), in 2012, the "new Russian girl" on the scene, with her intricate colorful designs, has become a designer to watch.Much like her elaborate motifs, Katia's journey has been well crafted by time, patience, and surprises—and the outcome ismoremagnificent than she ever imagined.

Lorraine Fantegrossi: Neo-Realism in Fabric
For many people, certain paintings evoke strong emotions, and for quilters and fiber artists, some paintings practically whisper, "This would make a gorgeous quilt." That is precisely what Lorraine Fantegrossi heard when she saw Candido Portinari A Árvore da Vida painting.

SAQA's A Walk in the Wild Exhibit
The traveling show, A Walk in the Wild, was one of several special exhibits at International Quilt Festival Houston 2013, held at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. Long banner-shaped quilts created by Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) members in the New Mexico region expressed life in the southwestern United States.

Fabric Swatches
The latest quilting fabrics for the spring season

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